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The External Washer / Label Remover

The requested production rate is 90 casks/kegs an/hr Cask Washer. We envisage approximately 35-40 seconds to process time for each cask/keg to externally wash and remove label.

The unit will be enclosed with curtained in-feed and Out-feed silhouettes.

The product will automatically index through the process stations driven via. a plastic modular conveyor system, this would control the infeed and out feed process with a safety control gate system. The whole control system will have CAT3 safety system.

The system would have an area to allow the cask to drain excess water away

The stations will have a centralizing unit with cask clamp system, pneumatic operation feedback to main plc with sol/sol 24-volt control valves.

The cask will be washed via. brushes and a water jet system where the water would be recirculated.

From a tank with detergent and heat of 80ºC electric immersion element pump system would produce 4 bar

The Label removal would be done with a High-pressure water jet system approx. 75 bar pressure using cold water. We will include a tray system that will collect the paper pulp operators would need to carryout routine maintenance to empty the trays on a regular bases, and would be supplied with a spare tray that can be swapped out without halting production.

The recirculation pump will be fitted with a protection filter in addition to having filters on the collection trays. proposed height 800mm from the floor to bottom of the cask

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