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Rathfinney Wine - UK

Central Conveyors Ltd were asked to Design and Install a conveyor system to carry 1.5 tons stillages and pallets up and down from ground level to a second-floor level.

The system was designed to operate as follows, the customer loads by means of folk lift a full stillage or pallet, full of premium wine, that had been produced in the ground floor filling and bottling plant onto the new conveyor system.

Once the loading process has been completed the product indexed forward allowing the next product to be loaded one the system, when the system is full the product is transferred into the waiting lift carriage and powered up to the second floor, 

Once docked into the second floor the product will automatically transfer out the system, and be driven to the unload area where the customers folk lift will remove the product and take to a storage area.

The conveyor system works in both directions allow product up and down between the floors.

The lift unit was designed to incorporate all the latest safety featured required to comply with current working legislation.

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